Step 1


The first step is to schedule a consultation.  During the consultation we will go over ideas, budget, and options.

Step 3


Schedule a meeting to review the estimate and plans.  At that time changes can be made.  If you feel comfortable with the estimate and plans we will prepare a contract.

Step 5


We will submit the plans for permitting to the city/county that you live in as well as petition your HOA for approval on the project.

Step 7


Construction has completed and its now time for final approval.

Step 2


Our design team will draw your project with all of the options you have chosen.  During this time the initial estimate will be created.

Step 4


Once the estimate and plans have been approved we will each sign the contract.  At that time we will accept the down payment for the project.

Step 6


Once all permits have been obtained, we will begin construction of your project.